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Thomas W. Coffey

Phone: (216) 870-8866
Email: tcoffey@tcoffeylaw.com

Commercial Law

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Wealth of Experience

(216) 870-8866

A Passion For Commercial Law

Complicated contracts, Uniform Commercial Code issues, bankruptcy, receivership, banking and financial issues including complex loan documents - these are a few of my favorite things. When matters like these are in your way, don't delay. Call me at (216) 870-8866, or email me at tcoffey@tcoffeylaw.com. I will help you to organize, analyze and resolve the legal issues that confront you before they get the upper hand.

A Commitment to Practical Solutions

The last thing you need when problems arise is an enormous bill for legal services. My office is organized to minimize overhead while maximizing responsiveness. I want to earn your repeat business with my value proposition: big league representation at small office rates.

Tom Coffey

A Wealth of Experience Made Accessible

For more than 29 years, I have helped businesses and business lawyers solve problems big and small. Thanks to the internet and the cell phone, you don't need to be an "insider" or to part with a large retainer to contact me. Just email me at tcoffey@tcoffeylaw.com or call me at (216) 870-8866. If I can't help you with a particular issue, I probably know someone who can!

Helping For More Than 29 Years.